Potato Chips from Unhealthiest Junk in the Junk Food Aisle (Slideshow)

Unhealthiest Junk in the Junk Food Aisle (Slideshow)

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Potato Chips

When it comes to potato chips, it stands to reason that the thicker chips, such as Ruffles, are usually the ones with the most fat and calories. And like all other junk foods, the ones covered in "cheese" are usually the worst offenders (unless, oddly enough, it's covered in dill pickle flavoring).
Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream (Serving size: 1 ounce, about 11 chips or 28 grams)
Fat: 10 grams
Calories: 160
Sodium: 180 milligrams

Pringles Xtra Screamin' Dill Pickle (Serving size: 1 ounce, about 16 chips or 28 grams)
Fat: 9 grams
Calories: 150
Sodium: 105 milligrams
Sugars: 1 gram