The Ultimate Gelato Sundae Bar that Your Family and Friends will Love this Holiday Season

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Here are some tips and tricks to create the perfect gelato bar
Sundae Bar

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With a sundae bar, the possibilities are infinite.

If you’re hosting a holiday party this season, then you’ve probably got your hands full with stuffing, nogs, hams, and more. Dessert is probably the last thing you will get to, but it shouldn’t taste that way to your guests. For a simple and delicious addition to your holiday meal, create the ultimate DIY gelato sundae bar that they will truly enjoy. Why gelato and not ice cream? Because Turkey Hill All Natural Gelato is simply made with whole and natural ingredients, which is something your friends and family are sure to appreciate.

The first step in creating a bar is to think about display. Get creative. Use mini chalk boards or cut-out shapes like Santa hats or gingerbread men to label your offerings so guests know what they’ve got in front of them. You can use large muffin tins to hold your add-ons or display them in decorative cups layered on a cupcake display. Zak Designs created a condiment caddy specifically for sundae bars like this one. It features a four section caddy with a lid and handle for easy kitchen-to-table transport. Another option is to load up Mason jars with toppings like fresh fruit, chocolate chips, and nuts and let your guests use empty Mason jars to create their sundaes, too. If you have guests that would rather eat their bowl, then waffle cone sundae cups are a great option, or chocolate dipped waffle cones just like they use in Italy.

Turkey Hill All Natural Gelato is available in eight flavors. With options like Peach Mango, Mint Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Purely Vanilla, there is sure to be one for everyone. And the flavors are so versatile; they can be stacked together for a unique sundae creation.

When choosing your add-ons, consider the flavors you’re showcasing. If Peach Mango is making an appearance, be sure to include those flavors in your fruit selection. Additionally, think about flavors that might work with those fruits. Pistachios are a great flavor friend to fruits like peaches, so be sure to add some to your bar. Similarly, sweet honey drizzled over your peachy keen sundae would be delicious! And hardly anyone will say no to Nutella. Keep a jar close to the Turkey Hill All Natural Hazelnut for a decadent sundae that plays on those fresh hazelnut flavors.  Cute mini menus suggesting flavor combos will be appreciated by those guests that aren’t quite sure where to start, and they make great favors for everyone to take home, too.

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The key to a great gelato sundae bar?  Keep your add-ons high quality and match up with the taste and flavor of Turkey Hill All Natural Gelato.