The Ultimate Chewing Gum Taste Test Slideshow

Manufactured by Adams, these blocks of gum came seven to a pack, and set themselves apart by containing a viscous goo that oozed out of the center of the gum when chewed. The gum toughened up and lost all discernible flavor after about two minutes, it wasn't especially minty, was overly sweet ("I can feel myself getting a cavity," one tester said), and didn't actually do much to freshen breath. "Good for kids who like Gushers," said another.

Price: $1.49/pack of seven
Nutrition (one piece): 10 calories, 3 grams sugar

9) Dentyne Ice

This gum, one of the first to hit the market with a hard shell, was powerfully minty, almost to the point of tasting like mouthwash. It was astringent and bitter as well, and the flavor completely died out after only four minutes. The texture was also described as "squeaky and rubbery," and while the mint overpowered any other flavors, one taster thought she noticed some banana-like notes in there, which isn't a very good thing.

Price: $1.59/pack of 16
Nutrition (two pieces): 5 calories, 0 grams sugar

8) Wrigley’s Eclipse

This gum was also a smack in the face with mint, and was nearly overwhelmingly minty. The flavor was a bit more pleasing than Dentyne Ice, almost exactly resembling the flavor and intensity of Altoids. "Good if you want an instant burst of fresh breath, but not for much else," one taster said. The flavor died off after about four minutes.

Price: $1.49/pack of 18
Nutrition (two pieces): 5 calories, 0 grams sugar

7) Wrigley’s 5

This new product came in some super-slick packaging, but didn't win over all our tasters. It had a nice and strong mint flavor that was unique from the rest of its competition, and was "minty and sweet but not overwhelming in any way," said one taster. The flavor lasted about 12 minutes, and another taster thought that it resembled bubble gum and wasn't as powerfully minty as the commercials might suggest. We also had some issues with the texture, which was a bit too tough. It was also the most expensive gum of the bunch.

Price: $1.69/pack of 15
Nutrition (one stick): 5 calories, 0 grams sugar

6) Ice Breakers Ice Cubes

Ice Breakers sticks were surprisingly difficult to track down, so we included Ice Breakers Ice Cubes, which were rolled out in 2008 and have a dusting of Xylitol, which gives the product an interesting cooling sensation. Unique among the gums we tested, the square cubes are of a softer texture than most other gums (at least in the beginning) and have a bit of a sugary crunch. Once the initial burst of cool mint wears off, what you're left with has a nice flavor, but nothing special. Even though it says "Long Lasting Flavor" on the box, it died down after about five minutes. We couldn't help but think that the whole thing was a little gimmicky.

Price: $1.49/pack of 10
Nutrition (one piece): 0 calories, 0 grams sugar

5) Wrigley’s Spearmint

One of the more classic chewing gums we sampled, it got decidedly mixed reviews. "This tastes like what I remember chewing gum tasting like," said one taster, while others found the texture to be too tough and the flavor too weak. If you're looking for a big burst of sweet mintiness, then this isn't the gum for you, but if you just want to chew something that's a little more low-key, this classic is a good choice. The flavor lasted for about seven minutes.

Price: 1.59/pack of 15
Nutrition (one stick): 10 calories, 2 grams sugar

4) Trident

One of the most no-frills gums on the market, the straight-ahead Trident was sweet and minty, and generally well-received. The flavor tasted a bit like minty frosting and had a good texture, but some thought that there was something a little "strange" about the flavor; one thought it tasted a little like seaweed. The flavor lasted for 11 minutes.

Price: $1.49/pack of 18
Nutrition (one stick):  Less than 5 calories, 0 grams sugar

3) Stride

This gum, made by Kraft, had an overall enjoyable flavor and a texture that, while a little rubbery, wasn't unpleasant. The flavor wasn't overwhelming and was "more cool than sweet," according to one taster, and "very juicy." While it started out a little bitter, the flavor improved over time and lasted for about nine minutes.

Price: $1.49/pack of 14 
Nutrition (one stick): 4 calories, 0 grams sugar

2) Wrigley’s Extra

Extra's main claim to fame is the "long-lasting flavor" advertised on the pack, and it didn't disappoint; the flavor lasted for about 15 minutes, longer than any of the competition. The flavor was also just about universally liked: just about everyone agreed that it was very sweet and minty, but not overly so, and that it "burst" with flavor and juiciness. There was a bit of "artificial" flavor from the sweetener, but that died down quickly, and for the 13 or so minutes after that all we got was a very agreeable minty-sweet flavor.

Price: $1.49/pack of 15
Nutrition (one stick): 5 calories, 0 grams sugar

1) Wrigley Orbit

Wrigley makes more gum varieties than any other brand out there, and they've clearly got it down to a science. Their best gum, and our near-universal favorite, was Orbit, which had a good, minty flavor, wasn't too sweet, and had "just about everything you want in a gum besides the bubbles," said one taster. Most agreed that the mint flavor was 'warmer" and fresher than the competition, and it lasted for about eight minutes. The texture was soft and chewy without being rubbery, and overall, our team couldn't find anything to complain about. The verdict is in, and Orbit sells the best spearmint-flavored gum on the market.

Price: $1.49/pack of 14
Nutrition (one piece): Less than 5 calories, 0 grams sugar