Twitter Just Realized Denny’s Mascot Resembles a Certain Bodily Function

Denny’s has 4 Grand Slam mascots, but Twitter users are focused on No. 2

Denny's four mascot characters have flown under the radar since being introduced in 2014, but Twitter users have recently come to a startling realization: The sausage looks like a poop.

Denny’s introduced four new mascots in 2014 with the launch of an animated web series called The Grand Slams. Though the characters, a quartet of anthropomorphic breakfast foods, have flown somewhat under the radar ever since, Twitter users have recently come to a startling conclusion: The sausage closely kinda looks like poop. 

"The Dennys [sic] turd is here with lunch," Tweeted Twitter user @ArmyStrang on September 9.

The breakfast sausage — animated with arms, legs, a fedora hat, and a megaphone — even has his own online Denny’s page with a bio. “Who is Sausage? Well, he’s complicated,” the website explains. “You see, it’s hard living in the shadow of Bacon, America’s favorite breakfast side. And sometimes his insecurities get the best of him. But we can’t hold that against him. For a guy who can be a little spicy at times, he’s ultimately a good person. Err… food item.”

If users scroll down, they can view Tumblr posts featuring GIF animations of sausage interacting with Bacon, Egg, and Pancake; fighting Bacon in the “Eggtagon”; and even standing in front of a sunset with long, flowing, curly hair.

Despite Sausage’s charms, social media is poo-pooing the character. Users feel that the mascot too closely resembles something you definitely don’t want to think about while you’re eating.

Twitter user @SeanGallimore added some text to a Denny's menu to illustrate his point. "Actual turd on their menu," he wrote, pointing at the mascot with an arrow and writing "Denny's needs a new graphic designer."

Then Twitter user @leal_jerry chimed in: "Was this supposed to give people a sneak peak at what the grand slam looks like after you eat it?"


Denny's seems like they have a sense of humor about the whole situation, tweeting out a photo of Sausage looking dejected on September 13 to its 410,000 followers. "I'm just a sausage... i [sic] can't help the way i look."

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