Twitter Is Grossed Out By Starbucks' New Sushi Burrito

Since April, Starbucks has been testing their "Mercato" menu — which features a more refined approach to food than protein boxes and frozen breakfast sandwiches — in Chicago since April.

The Chicago Tribune reports that now the chain is testing a sushi burrito at two Chicago locations. It's dubbed a Chicken Maki Roll, and consists of shredded chicken, fire-roasted tomatillo salsa, lime crema, fresh cucumber, pickled cabbage, and avocado.

Unfortunately for Starbucks, the internet doesn't seem too happy about the new dish. Social media is ablaze with backlash as many users bash the thought of purchasing such an item from Starbucks.

"Stick to coffee. Don't ruin it," one person said.

"LOL I don't even drink the coffee at Starbucks sure as sh– not eating a d— sushi burrito there GTFOH," said another.

There have been multiple puke-face emoji sightings as well. And Buzzfeed News food reporter Vanessa Wong lamented the departure of former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, tweeting that "The post-Schultz world is dark and full or [sic] terrors."

It's safe to say that Starbucks' new chicken maki roll has not received the warmest welcome. Here are 16 other unique Starbucks food items — from Purple Yam Cheesecake to Dragon Dumplings — that you won't find in the U.S.