Triscuit Flavors: How Many Are There?

Triscuits are one of America's favorite snacks, and also among its most versatile. You can eat them right out of the box, you can top them with just about anything, and they're a whole lot better for you than chips. You most likely stick to a few varieties, but did you know that there are a whole lot of Triscuit flavors out there, even a sweet one? Here's a list:

Cracked Pepper & Olive Oil
Reduced Fat
Hint of Salt
Rosemary & Olive Oil
Dill, Sea Salt, & Olive Oil 
Roasted Garlic
Fire Roasted Tomato & Olive Oil
Garden Herb
Rye with Caraway Seeds

Thin Crisps
Parmesan Garlic
Sour Cream & Chive
Wasabi & Soy Sauce
Cinnamon Sugar

Brown Rice
Sweet Potato & Sea Salt
Roasted Sweet Onion
Sea Salt & Black Pepper
Tomato & Sweet Basil
Roasted Red Pepper

Family Size
Reduced Fat
Cracked Pepper & Olive Oil