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Tripadvisor Names Italian Cuisine a Top Trend of 2020

Based on dining trends prior to the coronavirus
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While many diners are now getting their restaurant fix through takeout and delivery options due to the coronavirus pandemic, Tripadvisor took a look back at pre-COVID data to make its list of the trendiest cuisine of 2020. The list provides insight into what the top food trends and restaurants were prior to the the virus. 

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To come up with its list of the trendiest cuisine, Tripadvisor looked through a full year of reviews, prior to the coronavirus. The travel site came up with a list of restaurants that were given consistently high ratings by diners from around the world. Once a list of the top restaurants of 2020 was curated, Tripadvisor broke down the top trends within the list, such as the most popular cuisine and the hottest locations. 

Although the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way people enjoy food, Tripadvisor's list gives recognition to restaurants that were making waves in the early months of the year. The awards recognize more than 400 restaurants around the world. Tripadvisor's list is broken down into two categories: Fine Dining Award Winners and Everyday Dining Award Winners. From those two lists, the following food trends emerged. 

Italian Cuisine 

According to the travel platform, the trendiest cuisine of 2020 is Italian food. Tripadvisor states that Americans are craving pizza and pasta dishes this year.Italian restaurants make up a majority of the Everyday Dining list, which is why it's named as the top trending cuisine. But, if you're still a little too nervous to leave your house, try making these pizza and pizza dough recipes at home

Southern Cuisine

According to Tripadvisor, Southern cuisine is also a top food trend of 2020. Diners from Tennessee to Arizona enjoyed Southern fare, and restaurants in the South make up much of TripAdvisor's top restaurants of 2020 list. 

Coast to Coast

Based on the total winners list, which recognized hundreds of restaurants, Tripadvisor notes that award winners are stationed in 31 different cities across the country. This trend leaves room for a variety of regional fare to earn recognition from diners. 

New York City 


Lastly on Tripadvisor's food trends list is the New York City dining scene, which the travel site calls "the culinary center." New York City is home to seven of the top fine dining and everyday dining restaurants, a trend that echoes our list of the 101 best restaurants in America