Traci Des Jardins and Matt Jennings Team Up for Taste America Boston Slideshow

The jam-packed affair was one of Boston’s hottest events this Columbus Day Weekend.

Friday 1:

Shishito Peppers with Chorizo, Almonds, Rosemary, and Toasted Garlic by JBF Award-winning chef Ana Sortun.

Friday 2:

Hamachi Sashimi with Sea Urchin and Ceviche Dressing by JBF Award-winning chef Tim Cushman.

Friday 3:

Cassie Piuma’s Biscuits and Gravy > Smoked Lamb Shoulder with Avgolemono and Wild Greek Spices.

Friday 4:

Justin Shoults’s Monkfish Duo > Cider-Braised Tail and Smoked Liver Sausage with Turnips, Pear and Caviar.

Friday 5:

JBF Award-winner and Taste America All-Star Traci Des Jardin’s Rabbit Terrine with Chanterelle Escabèche.

Friday 6:

Local Star Matt Jennings’s Vegetables and Fruits with Coppa, Smoked Pork Fat and Malt Vinegar Emulsion.

Friday 7:

The Langham’s Mark Sapienza’s Baked Baldwin Apple-Spiced Walnut Cake with Candy Cap Mushroom Ice Cream and Apple Jack Caramel.

Friday 8:

All-Star Traci Des Jardins and Local Star Matt Jennings playing around after dinner.

Friday 9:

Left to right: Mark Sapienza, Matt Jennings, Justin Shoults, Tim Cushman, Traci Des Jardins, Izabela Wojcik, Ana Sortun, and Cassie Piuma.

Saturday 1:

All-Star Traci Des Jardins’s Lamb Chops with Salsa Verde and Polenta at the Sur La Table cooking demo.

Saturday 2:

Tony Maws grinding lamb for his sliders at the Sur La Table cooking demo.

Saturday 3:

Tony Maws’s final product: Lamb Sliders with Spiced Kefir Sauce.