The Top Food and Drink Searches of 2014, According to Google from The Top Food and Drink Searches of 2014, According to Google

The Top Food and Drink Searches of 2014, According to Google

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The Top Food and Drink Searches of 2014, According to Google

For the past 14 years, Google has carefully kept track of what its users have searched for and, at the end of the year, released a wide-ranging report on queries about everything from health to pop culture to entertainment — and especially food. This year, the project, formerly known as Google Zeitgeist, got a new name: Google Year in Search (maybe not enough people were searching "Zeitgeist"). The lists have just gone live. As it is every year, it’s a fascinating peek into American culture. 

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Calorie Searches: #3: How many calories are in an egg?

Millions of people wanted to know how many calories are in an egg in 2014. The answer? About 78, with five grams of fat, six grams of protein, and 187 milligrams of cholesterol. Thanks, Google!


Calorie Searches: #2: How many calories are in pumpkin pie?

Just about everyone wants to eat some pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, but it’s probably worth it to know going in that an average slice contains more than 300 calories. 


Calorie Searches #1: How many calories are in a banana?

Fruit is always a healthy snack choice, and there are about 105 calories in a banana. 

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Top Beer Search #3: Keystone

Apparently not just the domain of frat parties any more, Keystone piqued a lot of people’s interest this year. Keystone Light, not so much. 

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Top Beer Search #2: Corona

To add a lime or not to add a lime? The answer: always add a lime, or else you’ll realize that Corona just tastes like plain old mid-grade beer. 


Top Beer Search #1: Budweiser

The King of Beers was also the king of search this year. No word on how many of those searches were an attempt to figure out what the heck “beechwood aging” is. 


Top Cocktails #3: Sangria

This combination of wine, fruit, juice, and occasionally spirits, is still as popular as ever. 


Top Cocktails #2: Martini

Gin or vodka? Shaken or stirred? Imbibers logged onto Google en masse to try to figure out how to create this classic cocktail this year. 


Top Cocktails #1: Margarita

The best recipe for this legendary cocktail, by the way, is three parts 100-percent blue agave tequila blanco, two parts lime juice, and one part Cointreau. Keep that in mind and your friends will be thanking you for years (You’ll never need to do a Google search for it again, either). 


Trending Recipes #3: Banana Bread

Just about everybody loves banana bread, and it’s also fun to make. Google searches from 2014 seem to verify this.

Trending Recipes #2: Meatloaf

Meatloaf can be tricky to prepare without a recipe, as it can easily turn to mush. Plenty of people turned to Google in 2014 to find the perfect recipe for this homestyle dish. 


Trending Recipes #1: Chicken

Chicken is super-popular, but isn’t easy to perfect. There are also hundreds of thousands of ways to cook it. 

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The Top Food and Drink Searches of 2014, According to Google