‘Top Chef’ Jamie Lynch Opens 5 Church in Atlanta’s Midtown

The ousted chef is fighting for his return to ‘Top Chef’ on ‘Last Chance Kitchen’

All the food is delicious, but these the deconstructed s’mores are a must order

In Colony Square in the center of Midtown, 5 Church and its celebrity chef Jamie Lynch are the new heart of Atlanta, emblematic of the town’s exhilarating new beat. Since early 2016, this hotspot and its dynamic chef have been entertaining city residents with sleek vibes, interesting decorative art, dramatic dishes, and quality entertainment (especially if it’s Thursday night and Bravo’s Top Chef is on!).

If you have been keeping up with the dramatic season, you may have watched with excitement while Lynch ousted tough competition, including chefs from prior seasons of Top Chef. However, in a dramatic turn of events, Lynch was eliminated after sacrificing his immunity during a team challenge and taking a really big one for the team.

Still, Lynch has a chance to get to the finale. He is still cooking away on Last Chance Kitchen, a web series where eliminated chefs compete for chance to rejoin the show in the last episode. Each time a chef is eliminated, he or she has a chance to face the last person standing. Jamie has survived three episodes — and is still going!

So, if you enjoyed Lynch’s food on Top Chef, you now have a chance to enjoy it in Midtown (and perhaps meet the chef if you’re lucky). I came by for dinner on a Thursday and discovered that 5 Church shows episodes of Top Chef as they air. And, even better, the chef was there to watch with his fans. Sporting a new “Team Jamie” shirt, I tried several of the chef’s specialties.

I started with the ahi tuna poke since I am a poke addict, and it was savory with a hint of spice and sweetness from chiles, pineapple chunks, and a soy sherry sauce. This dish is also beautifully arranged and topped with thin slivers of radish.

Next, the flatbreads. I tried both the shrimp flatbread and the wild mushroom and caramelized onion flatbread. The shrimp featured shaved red onion, boursin, and arugula; the mushroom — my favorite of the two — was topped with garlic chips, mozzarella, and black truffle. The smell of the truffle with the caramelized onion and mushroom combination was unique and enticing.

For my entrée, I had the lamb burger, which was rich and robust with a red onion marmalade, a layer of decadent gorgonzola fondue, and a dusting of arugula, all stacked inside of a sesame bun. The meat was tender, and the accoutrements perfectly complemented the juicy lamb.

Lastly, the deconstructed s’mores. A unique take on the traditional, this dish combined crunchy graham cracker nuggets with elegant swirls of chocolate and toasted marshmallow in twisted, seashell-esque shapes. Definitely my favorite dish of the meal — and one of the prettiest arrangements!


Tune in for Last Chance Kitchen on Thursday after Top Chef and cheer for Lynch as he battles for a chance to stay in the competition!