Tim Hortons Now Serves Breakfast All Day In Canada

Popular Canada-based chain Tim Hortons has made breakfast an all-day affair for its Canadian customers. The doughnut company is now making hot breakfast sandwiches, bagel B.E.L.T.s, wraps, hash browns, and snacks available all day long to meet the morning meal needs of Canadians, no matter what time of day. The chain's 726 U.S. locations, meanwhile, will continue to offer a limited breakfast menu until 5 p.m.

The only breakfast item Canadians won't be able to grab all day is oatmeal. The Tim Hortons website lists the chain's exclusive breakfast items with little egg timers that say "New! Breakfast anytime." Virtually every item on the menu has a cute red and white egg timer next to it —excluding the "Homestyle Oatmeal," available in maple or mixed berry flavor.

The Daily Meal has reached out to the chain to find out why the heart-healthy breakfast option is not available after 11 a.m.

According to Canadian website Global News, Tim Hortons is making more changes to their stores to appeal to customers who may have temporarily strayed to other breakfast-all-day purveyors such as McDonald's and Taco Bell. The publication reported that Tim Hortons will be looking into making a kids' menu, coming out with new packaging, introducing loyalty programs, and even offering delivery. Still not swayed to have fast food for your first meal? These are America's 10 best fast-food chains for breakfast.