Tim Horton’s Abruptly Closes 21 Locations in New York and Maine

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Tim Hortons Abruptly Closes 21 Locations in New York and Maine

Tim Hortons closed two dozen locations in the Northeastern US with little to no notice

Tim Hortons has abruptly shuttered 21 of its restaurants in New York and Maine with minimal notice, with one source describing to NewsChannel 9 that stores were contacted on Tuesday  night, and told to close on Wednesday.

 In upstate New York, 15 stores were shut down, and in Maine, another six stores were suddenly closed. In Maine, at least one store closed with such little warning that customers were dining in at the time, and were told to leave.

“The place has a few people sitting eating lunch,” a customer recounted to the Sun Journal. “It starts to clear out and leaves just me and my buddy left in the place. The lights go out and we are told to leave because the place is now closed!”

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In a statement, Tim Hortons indicated that the decision to close these locations was related to performance. “As we build the foundation for accelerated growth in the U.S., we have decided to close some restaurants in New York and Maine,” the company announced. “We are supporting our restaurant owners in their transition and remain excited about the opportunities to expand the iconic Tim Hortons brand in the U.S.”