These Halloween Bento Boxes Are Spooky AF

Calling all sushi lovers! A spooktacular Halloween trend has taken over bento boxes in homes and restaurants throughout Japan. In a "moment" trending on Twitter, people are sharing their creepy renditions of the festive holiday food.

@kiyo_1030_D posted a photo of one lunch box, which consisted of fried rice eyeballs, hard-boiled egg jack-o'-lanterns, and some questionable fingers (with a great set of nails). Most people thought the meal looked creepy, and one user even tagged Jesus in a reply writing, "Someone needs you."

Another bento box boasted a cuter set of characters — a smiling skeleton rice ball, a black cat made of seaweed, mummified sausages, and hard-boiled eggs with silly tongues sticking out. "Lunchbox goals," @kimbachle wrote.

The next box featured a severed sausage hand atop a bed of blood-stained rice. The photo, which has generated nearly 132,000 likes, is captioned, "Bento made the parents of psychopaths."

@soramama321 created a kid-friendly Halloween bento box with the same cutesy mummy sausages in addition to an eggy vampire minion. Bee-doo bee-doo.

This box, which looks as if it was served in a restaurant, features two Tim Burton-esque skulls among a bed of vegetables and tempura. Jack Skellington, anyone?

This lunch consists of rice jack-o'-lanterns with fresh fruit and vegetables on the side. Now we're starting to get hungry.

@cyapi108 says this box is haunted, but we aren't scared by the derpy rice-ball ghost. Love its little witch hat!

The next user, who claims it's laundry day, also took a turn at a mummy sausage (though, it did come out a little cross-eyed, but still cute!). This graveyard bento box even has eerie pineapple gravestones. Boo!

The final lunch box has a very realistic looking jack-o'-lantern with what looks like some sort of a fairy dog coming out of the top. Now that is scary.

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