These Foods are Giving You Brain Fog

Feeling cloudy-headed? Maybe cut back on these foods

Eating excessive amounts of sugar can lead to brain fog. 

Do you have brain fog? Do you find it hard to focus, think clearly, and remember things? Does it feel like you’re living in a haze? If so, it could be because of your diet. Here are five foods that may be contributing to the fog, from Livestrong.


For people with a gluten intolerance or celiac disease, foods that contain gluten may contribute to brain fog. Because your body isn’t able to properly digest them, toxic microorganisms can leak into the bloodstream, not allowing nutrients to reach the brain and causing brain fog.


Allergies to dairy products can lead to brain fog, thanks to its effect on the central nervous system. Being unable to absorb casein, a milk protein, can lead to an allergic reaction as well.

Coffee and Soft Drinks

Drinking coffee or soft drinks instead of water can overwhelm the kidneys, causing toxic chemicals to work their way into the bloodstream and the brain, leading to fog. Always drink plenty of water.


Brain fog can be caused by excessive sugar consumption as well, because sugar feeds on yeast in the body, which can lead to a fungal “overgrowth.”



Mercury from deep-sea fish like tuna and swordfish can cause a whole host of symptoms in the body, including brain fog.