These Drawings And Sculptures Of Guy Fieri Will Either Amuse Or Terrify You

These Drawings and Sculptures of Guy Fieri will Either Amuse or Terrify You


Believe it or not, for some reason plenty of people out there have decided to create artistic representations of superstar food dude Guy Fieri, and some of them are, as Fieri might put it, out of bounds. 

The Guy Fieri Cake

This cake should go down in infamy if it hasn't already, because, well, it needs to go down in infamy. Created by a restaurant that Fieri visited for DDD, Blackwater Grill in Saint Simons Island, Georgia, for an edible art contest, those eyes (and that neck!) will be haunting our dreams. 

Fieri Balloons

Complete with flip flops, crossed arms, and sunglasses, a fan made a full-body balloon art representation of Fieri for a book signing at Atlanta's Book Revue, and Fieri liked it enough that he tweeted a photo of himself with it

Guy O’Lantern

We're not exactly sure who decided to turn Fieri's face into a Jack O'Lantern, but we applaud you. Well done!

Barney’s Windows

Sculpted by artist Liz Lomax for the 2010 Holiday Windows at New York's Barney's, Fieri joined 10 other life-size food celebrities, including Paula Deen, Martha Stewart, Mario Batali, and Bobby Flay in the windows, and they kept passersby turning their heads all season long. 

Demon Mixer Guy

Want to upgrade your mixer with a painting of a Skeletor-style Guy Fieri, complete with spiky hair and a gaping hole where his nose used to be? It's a great way to make sure that you kids are too terrified to ever set foot in the kitchen. 

Pencil Sketch

This is a pretty good drawing, but it doesn't look very much like Fieri. Maybe a cross between him and Joey Fatone?


Of all the people in the history of the world, why would anyone choose to get a tattoo of Guy Fieri? The one on the right is his DDD logo, and on the left he appears to be singing to a cheeseburger. Bad decisions. 

Heaven’s Gift

The template is supposed to frame a photo of a baby, but a brazen Photoshopper decided to take a photo of someone holding one of those super-creepy marzipan babies and tack Fieri's huge smiling head onto it. It's strange and disturbing in multiple ways, yet also hilarious. 

Normal Hair

Back in November 2014, an interesting photo appeared on Twitter, a Photoshop of Fieri "with normal hair." Without the frosted tips and goatee, and with a handlebar mustache, he looks like... well, like a normal guy. It's slightly unsettling, and it makes us happy that Fieri's never strayed from his signature style.