These Are the Ultimate Brunch Dumplings

The delicious combination of dim sum and a breakfast sandwich

BEC Dumplings

Sure, you could opt for the traditional French toast for your weekend brunch — or you can have breakfast tacos or top a pizza with a fried egg. And now you can have the classic bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich presented, instead, in a dumpling wrapper.

Thanks to New York City’s Pinch Chinese, there’s now a full-time brunch dumpling option. (Dumpling powerhouse Mimi Cheng’s did offer a one-month-only version previously.) Just because the ingredients are hidden from view, doesn’t mean the chefs skimp on quality. There are free-range scrambled eggs, New York Cheddar, and Niman Ranch bacon. A sriracha dipping sauce comes on the side. A serving of six costs $12, which is slightly more expensive than some Chinatown spots but right in line with Soho prices, especially for dumplings with such pedigree.

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Pinch opened in early 2017, led by a chef from one of Hong Kong’s largest dim sum chains, and is known for its soup dumplings. This is a restaurant that takes its dumplings seriously — even for brunch. After work, swing by for the Happy Dumpling Hour where every drink comes with three free dumplings. (If you need me, you’ll know where to find me.)