Texas de Brazil Waiter Accidentally Slices Into Customer’s Arm During Tableside Service

Karla Whitley was accidentally cut by a waiter and is now battling the restaurant’s insurance company
Texas de Brazil Waiter Accidentally Slices Into Customer’s Arm During Tableside Service

Photo: Flickr/ satanoid/CC 2.0

In December, a Texas de Brazil waiter lost control of his carving knife and managed to cut into a woman’s arm.

A woman who was dining at the Addison, Texas, location of Texas de Brazil in December left dinner with a permanent scar when the waiter accidentally cut her with a steak knife. 

The restaurant, a churrascaria, requires waiters to bring giant skewers of meat directly to the tables and carve them in front of guests. In this instance, a waiter was carving meat for one patron when suddenly, another guest at the table “felt a searing pain.”

“Obviously something had happened to my arm,” the victim, Karla Whitley, told CBS. When she looked down, Whitley saw that the carving knife had sliced right into her arm. “There’s this cut — as soon as I look, I see it fill with blood.”

While the manager of Texas de Brazil was “very nice” after the incident, Whitley is still battling the restaurant’s insurance company, Liberty Mutual, which has not approved her request for coverage of medical procedures, including scar removal. In a statement to CBS, Texas de Brazil, described Whitley as having “sustained a cut that required a Band-Aid,” but that “afterward, she appeared to be all right and enjoyed the rest of her meal.”

Liberty Mutual declined to provide a comment on why Whitley’s case has not been settled since the incident in December, and Texas de Brazil did not provide information on whether or not the chain had instituted any further safety measures since then.


In Manhattan, the chain has been called “the worst steakhouse in NYC” and one of The Daily Meal’s own editors described the experience in detail as “one of the worst meals of my life” in a lengthy review.