Tequila and San Francisco’s Favorite Chocolate Come Together as One

TCHO and José Cuervo partner for a limited-time chocolate bar

Tequila-infused chocolate makes for a delicious pairing.

Who needs a lime to chase a tequila shot with when you’ve got chocolate? TCHO, a Bay City chocolate maker, and José Cuervo’s Reserva de la Familia have collaborated and launched a limited edition chocolate bar created by TCHO’s chief chocolate maker, Brad Kintzer.

Last month, San Francisco’s Bourbon and Branch celebrated this delectable pairing with a speakeasy party. Guests were only permitted in with a secret passcode and were sent home with some decadent goodies. There were tequila-chocolate drink specials, TCHO samples, and plenty of shots to go around.

For the past four decades, Cuervo family tradition has been to enjoy their private tequila reserves with dark chocolate on hand to unleash the flavors hidden of the multi-faceted extra añejo. For this collaboration, TCHO developed a custom blend of dark chocolate with cacao beans from Peru for fruity tones, Ecuador for nutty accents, and Ghana for a fudgy consistency. Kintzer spent almost four months soaking organic cacao nibs in Reserva de la Familia to bring out the tequila smoothness.

The dark chocolate square exemplifies fragile flavors of lush chocolate pastries with crisp brownie ends, dried stone fruits, light hints of toasted agave, freshly cut oak balanced with spiced almonds, burnt caramel, and sweet vanilla.


The chocolate set is available at all TCHO kiosks at the Westfield San Francisco Center and online for $16.25 per 12-piece box.