A Tasty Dumpling For Vegans, Finally!

By Chloe and Mimi Cheng’s teamed up to make this delicious little entrée

The guac burger dumplings will be offered for a limited time at Mimi Cheng’s

If you haven’t heard yet, By Chloe is the hottest new restaurant for vegans. Chef Chloe Coscarelli offers everything from brunch, to all-day entrées, to baked goods. The menu is completely vegan and plant-based, but even if you’re not a vegan the food won’t disappoint. The guac burger is a favorite of The Daily Meal staff, and it turns out it is also a favorite of Mimi Cheng’s Dumplings! Vegans can now enjoy a vegan dumpling courtesy of Mimi Cheng’s, located on 179 2nd Ave Manhattan.

Customers flock to Mimi Cheng’s Dumplings for (of course) home-style dumplings. Although the menu isn’t vegan, Cheng’s shares the same concept of fresh, quality ingredients as By Chloe. The menu at Mimi Cheng’s offers items like the classic dumpling, market sides, and a monthly special dumpling. This month’s special is none other than the guac dumpling, inspired by the guac burger from By Chloe. The dumpling consists of a black bean quinoa sweet potato filling, corn salsa, and is topped with guacamole, tortilla strips, and chipotle aioli. You can get these bundles of joy pan fried or boiled; paired with Mimi Cheng’s lavender black iced tea, this is the perfect meal.