Taiwan Plans To Ban Plastic Straws, Bags, And Utensils By 2030

Taiwan is taking more steps toward an eco-friendly future by announcing plans to ban plastic straws, plastic bags, and plastic utensils entirely by the year 2030. Channel NewsAsia reports that Taiwanese officials announced February 22 that major restaurant chains will no longer provide plastic straws for in-restaurant use in 2019 and that the ban will expand to all restaurants by the year 2020.

Beginning in 2025, customers will have to pay extra for any plastic straws, shopping bags, plastic utensils, and plastic cups until the full ban comes into effect by 2030.

"We aim to implement a blanket ban by 2030 to significantly reduce plastic waste that pollutes the ocean and also gets into the food chain to affect human health," Lai Ying-ying, a Taiwanese Environmental Protection Agency official, told the Asian news outlet.

"You can use steel products, or edible straws — or maybe you just don't need to use straws at all," Lai said. "There is no inconvenience caused at all."

According to One Green Planet, Taiwan has already banned free plastic bags in all major retail outlets.

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