Sushi Comes Back to Life and Waves at Hungry Diner in Japan

It’s aliiiiiive!

Sushi served to a diner in the city of Kishiwada in Southern Japan’s Osaka Prefecture was served nigiri so fresh that it waved.

Twitter user @shoumizo3446 was able to capture a video of his piece of sushi from popular Japanese chain Sushiro as it waved and wiggled at him on his plate. He quickly shared it to social media where it quickly went viral. 

According to U.K. paper The Sun, the diner ordered an item called “iki hokkigai,” which is typically prepared on the premises with seafood that is delivered to the restaurant alive.

The stomach-turning video has so far received over 111,000 likes and over 51,800 responses. Twitter users are both disgusted and fascinated by the possible zombie-sushi.

Mashable consulted a marine biologist to see if the sushi, which turned out to be clam, was actually still alive. They spoke with marine biologist Callum Roberts who said, "Clams have very simple nervous systems, and rather than a brain have three sets of paired ganglia distributed through the body, which coordinate the activities of the animal," he said. "Clearly, in this case, some of these are still intact and functional."

So basically, the clam is still alive! The diner responded in the comments of the tweets that he ate the sushi and that it was “extremely delicious.” Never heard of iki hokkigai? It’s served in some of the world’s best sushi restaurants.

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