Survey: Who Serves America’s Best French Fries?

The Daily Meal wants to know where you go for your favorite fries

Flickr/Kris Krüg/CC 4.0

Tell us: Where are the best French fries in America? (Photo Modified: Flickr/Kris Krüg/CC 4.0)

Ah, the lowly French fry. Few other foods encapsulate the American gastronomic arena quite so well. The potato is a staple crop in many parts of the country, and we as a people are known globally for loving anything and everything that’s taken a dip in a fryer.

Take the Survey: Who Serves America’s Best French Fries

We recently took a look at the most outrageous French fries in the United States, and were astounded by the culinary creativity and daring we found across the land. However, the one characteristic these crazy — and delicious — concoctions all shared was that they relied on one ingredient to ground their praise-worthy dish: French fries.

So what makes a perfect French fry? There's the crunch element, for sure — that crisp exterior texture that holds up against the impending threat of sogginess. Then, the soft, fluffy interior, filled with potato that's cooked through but not dried out or raw-tasting. The color also comes into play — the best fries have that undeniable golden-brown hue. When all of these components come together, they create the perfect fry, and no condiments are necessary to enjoy them.

So what are your thoughts? Where are the best fries you’ve ever had, from sea to shining sea? Take the survey, and let us know!

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