Sugarfina Launches Barbie Collection in Honor of Doll’s 60th Birthday

Sugarfina is a luxury candy company

Sugarfina is honoring Barbie’s 60th birthday with a collection of candy cubes that feature artwork of Barbie’s most iconic careers.  

Many childhood birthday traditions were a whirlwind of candy and Barbie dolls, so it makes sense that Barbie’s 60th birthday would be honored the same way. Luxury candy boutique Sugarfina has launched a limited-edition candy collection with Barbie in celebration of the toy’s landmark birthday, and its packaging looks like every new doll you begged for growing up.

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The Sugarfina and Barbie collection includes six candy-filled boxes decorated with Barbie donning the outfits of her most iconic careers. Although Barbs has taken on over 200 careers since she launched in 1959, these candy cubes only feature Astronaut Barbie, Athlete Barbie, Pilot Barbie, Firefighter Barbie, News Anchor Barbie, and the original 1959 Barbie — whose full-time job, it seems, was to look fabulous.



Each career features its own flavor of candy, and most of them are pretty on-theme. Astronaut Barbie will contain cosmic sours. The Athlete Barbie cube will have gummy kicks. Pilot Barbie contains candy clouds, naturally.

However, Firefighter Barbie’s cube does not contain gummy fires or fire hydrants but rather Mattel accessory-approved candy pearls. News Anchor Barbie will have strawberry sparkle pops, and the 1959 Barbie cube will contain birthday cake caramels — and she should be the one getting the cake. She is the one turning 60, after all.


The candy collection is in stores and online now. One hundred percent of the net proceeds of its sales will go to StepUp, an organization that supports girls living or going to school in under-resourced communities. It’s too bad Sugarfina didn’t fill one of their Barbies’ cubes with Pixy Stix. They were the most popular candy to debut in 1959!