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Subway Menu Items You Won’t Find in America

Chicken tikka sub, anyone?
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If you’ve spent any time traveling abroad, you’ve probably encountered a Subway. And if you’ve ever perused the menu at one of these international locations, you might have noticed that things are a little different outside of the U.S.

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Subway, by all accounts, is an absolutely massive fast food chain. Since the first location outside of the U.S. opened in Bahrain in 1984, the chain has expanded to every continent except for Antarctica, with locations as far afield as Utqiaġvik, Alaska (the northernmost point in North America), and Ushuaia, Argentina (the southernmost city in the world).

Every region of the globe actually offers a handful of items that highlight regional tastes.

For example, Cordon bleu subs are on the menu in Argentina and smoked chicken and cream cheese subs are offered in Brazil. You’ll find barbecue rib subs in Germany, chicken tikka subs in the United Kingdom and a sub topped with melty raclette cheese in France.

Photo courtesy Subway

Subway's chicken tikka sub

Head to the Middle East and Africa and you’ll find subs made with halloumi (a fresh cheese) in Kuwait, spicy peri peri-style chicken in the United Arab Emirates and South Africa, and oven-roasted potatoes in Saudi Arabia.


In Australia, you’ll find tzatziki steak with feta and chicken schnitzel subs, in South Korea, egg mayo subs are on the menu, and the top-selling sub in Japan contains shrimp and avocado. If all of this is news to you, we bet there are a lot of other things you didn’t know about Subway.