Stopping By New York's Black Tap For A Sweet Treat And An Extremely Long Line

The latest food sensation to captivate the country is located in the heart of Manhattan. The elaborate milkshakes from Black Tap can be categorized as a work of art, creating hour long lines just to try these delectable desserts. For people that have the patience and the goal of trying the shakes, they will be surprised that a trip to Black Tap is anything but ordinary.

Once people walk past the bouncer and through the doors of either the SoHo or Meatpacking District location, they will feel as if they entered an exclusive club full of Instagram worthy dishes. Dessert should be ordered first because the over-the-top shakes will without a doubt fill diners up. Offering three types of shakes, Black Tap brings a candy wonderland into reality. Peanut butter lovers can indulge in the Sweet N' Salty shake, which is made with peanut butter ice cream topped with pretzel sticks, M&M's, and a Sugar Daddy. It is hard to resist The Cookie Shake, which is vanilla cookie flavored with cookie crumbles, cookie sandwich, chocolate chips and of course whipped cream. This shake will have people devouring the sweet drink in minutes.

If tasting the shakes are half the fun, posting pictures on Instagram is just as thrilling. Showing their followers they endured the wait, people have to be quick with the pictures before the shake begins to melt. The Cotton Candy shake is a colorful creation filled with strawberry ice cream and topped with pink and pearl chocolates, rock candy, a large lollipop and cotton candy. One of the sweetest shakes, it will definitely satisfy any sweet tooth.

While the milkshakes have garnered massive attention, the food should not be ignored. Whether people order the award-winning Greg Norman burger, which is wagyu beef, house buttermilk-dill pickles, blue cheese, and arugula; or their signature wings, people will be surprised to discover that the food is just as noteworthy as the shakes. One of the must try dishes are the Craft Burger Salads. A healthy alternative from the typical hamburger, the salads came with burger minus the bun and loaded with lettuce and other ingredients. Their signature burger salad is the Black Tap Burger Salad includes tomato, cheese, pickles, scallions, and bacon topped with a Pat LaFrieda burger. 

Black Tap can be considered a triple threat because it delivers the food, drinks and an atmosphere that appeals to anyone. Even though the wait may deter some, others have braved the cold to see what makes Black Tap standout, including Lauren Wire.

"Our outside wait, like a club, was a little over an hour," Wire told us about a recent trip to the restaurant. "The milkshakes were quite delicious but without all of the toppings the actual milkshakes were nothing to write home about. It was the presentation that brought them to life." Wire describes the outside portion of the Cookie shake as incredible with their frosting topped with bits of crushed cookies.

"The dinner menu and food was actually almost better than the milkshake," she said. "I'd only go back if there was no line, a special milkshake on the menu that I haven't tried, or to eat the burger."

Whether it is people are strolling through SoHo or the Meatpacking District, a stop at Black Tap is worth the wait, the hardest part is deciding what shake to order. To make things easy, people should just order all three.