New Snickers Bars Ditch The Crunch For Creamy Nut Butter

Everyone and their mother is familiar with the deliciously crunchy insides of a Snickers bar. The original recipe has been satisfying chocolate lovers since 1930, but due to the increasing popularity of nut butters, the brand is stepping outside the classic nougat, caramel and peanut combo for something a little creamier.

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Say hello to three brand-new Snickers Creamy Bars in almond butter, peanut butter and maple butter — all of which have gooey caramel centers and chocolate coatings. These super-smooth sweet treats are coming to local, mass, convenience and drug stores in January 2019 for an undeclared amount of time.

snickers creamy bars

"For nearly a century, fans have made the classic Snickers bar an icon with its satisfying layers of nougat, caramel and signature peanut crunch," Snickers brand director Josh Olken said in a release. "We listened to our consumers' desires for new tastes like almond butter and paired it with an innovation on texture. With Creamy Snickers bars, our fans can discover new tastes, and can now get Snickers satisfaction in both crunchy and smooth."

Thank the heavens above that Snickers is keeping its original recipe alongside the new offerings, because the fun-sized version is actually one of the best candies in existence. The near-perfect nutty bar secured second place on our ranking of Halloween candies.