You Can Now Slack Your Domino's And Taco Bell Order

Domino's Pizza Inc. has announced that Domino's customers can order pizza through Slack instant messenger. They may be the first pizza-chain to use Slack-ordering, but they are not the first fast-food group to do so — Taco Bell enabled Slack-ordering in 2016.

Slack, an instant messaging tool used in many workplaces, has more than 9 million active users, all of whom can now order pizza without ever having to leave a conference call. By accessing the Slack App directory and installing the Domino's ordering app, Slack users can direct message Domino's their orders.

Dennis Maloney, Domino's chief digital officer, said in a statement, "We love to make ordering as easy and convenient as possible, and that includes ordering for the workplace. Now you can order a group lunch with your coworkers down the hall, all from the comfort of your cubicle."

Customers can reportedly request a coupon that will give them 20 percent off on all orders placed through Slack. No wonder it's one of America's 25 best pizza chains!