Scallops, Sushi, And More Unveiled By New Chefs At Midtown Manhattan's Wayfarer

Great cuts of meat and poultry have had a permanent spot on The Wayfarer's menu for some time. Now, with the new addition of executive chef Chris Shea, comes a smattering of delicious sushi, scallop, and fish offerings.

The dressed oysters with saffron tapioca and pickled vegetables offer a fun alternative to the Worcestershire and horseradish complements typically served with bivalves, and the seared scallops saltimbocca have also found a unique and delectable sidekick in spinach ravioli, prosciutto, butternut squash, pine nuts, and capers they're served with.

If you try one thing, though, make sure it's the citrus roasted black sea bass made with grapefruit truffle vinaigrette and served with mushroom and scallion quinoa — the preparation is divine, and there are even some roasted truffles on the plate.

"At this point it is a rare occurrence to read a menu that does not have at least one or two raw fish dishes, whether it is sushi or crudo or ceviche," said chef Shea. "People want the option to eat light and healthy, they make for a great start to the meal, and people may be intimidated to try to make these dishes in their own."

In collaboration with their new sushi chef, Wei Ping Lin, simple and tasty signature sushi items have also been added to the menu, including dragon, California, rainbow, and yellowtail tuna rolls.

But two surprising additions to that list are the beef and broccoli roll: thin-sliced filet mignon stuffed with charred broccoli, caramelized onions, and truffle aioli served with a togarashi spiced truffled ponzu topped with shaved burgundy truffles; and the fried chicken roll made with romaine, avocado, cucumber, sesame, and eel sauce.

Since seafood generally makes for a lighter meal, you'll have room for dessert — try the Unbirthday cake (white confetti cake topped with blueberry sauce and lemon sorbet), the classic warm apple pie for two (it's a whole pie!) with vanilla ice cream and apple cider sorbet, or the classic peanut butter candy bars, served with toasted marshmallow and candied walnuts.