Sandwich of the Week: Rodeo Goat’s Chaca Oaxaca

Both locations of Rodeo Goat in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, serve an awesome Mexican-inspired burger

Rodeo Goat’s Chaca Oaxaca.

The Southwestern Mexican state of Oaxaca is known for, among other things, its colorful handwoven textiles. It’s home to a number of indigenous groups, each of which hold their own generations-old textile traditions, including hand-spinning cotton or silk and creating vividly colored natural dyes that have been sourced locally for thousands of years.

This is the inspiration behind Rodeo Goat’s Chaca Oaxaca — a burger comprising a ground beef and chorizo patty piled high with avocado, pico de gallo, queso fresco, tabasco mayonnaise, and a fried egg.

With locations in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, Rodeo Goat has gained local fame for their fantastic burgers, winning media burger battles and high praise from media outlets. On top of their regular menu (which includes nearly 20 burgers), they have in-house burger battles of their own that feature interesting local ingredients like Hatch chiles or even doughnuts. The team tends to zero in on a particular bolt of inspiration, and as Rodeo Goat co-founder Shannon Wynne told The Daily Meal, “I love the fabrics of Oaxaca and the flavors in this burger are kind of like the colors in their fabrics — all over the place.”


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