Sandwich of the Week: Ox & Son’s Chicken-Fried Duck Confit Sandwich

New to the scene in Santa Monica, California, Ox & Son offers a delightful blend of international flavors all in one sandwich

Ox & Son's chicken-fried duck confit sandwich.

Opened in March 2015 in Santa Monica, California, Ox & Son offers a seasonally inspired, modern American menu comprising dishes like prime beef tartare; sticky pig cheeks and black rice; and mussels, tomato, and chorizo poutine.

The restaurant’s namesake is executive chef Brad Miller’s father, Gary “Ox” Miller, a butcher from Ottawa, Illinois. A self-identified meat lover himself, chef Miller is known for his fun-loving approach to his craft and ruling philosophy that he and his team should "just make tasty food and have fun."  

Miller’s chicken-fried duck confit sandwich is an homage to this motto, bringing a playful twist to the classic duck preparation. He chicken-fries the duck confit — meaning he breads and fries it as one would a piece of chicken. He lays it atop a bed of red cabbage kimchi before piling on a fresh chile, honey, and fish sauce-based sauce and pickled slices of celery, carrot, and radish.

Then comes the bun. After taste-tasting at least 22 types of buns, chef Miller settled on a Portuguese bun for the sandwich. A cross between white and brioche bread, it has a cushy softness that can stand up to the crispy, flavor-packed fillings. It’s a delightful blend of international flavors — Korean kimchi and a spice fish-based sauce, classic French duck confit treated American Southern-style, and Portuguese bread — and it’s this week’s Sandwich of the Week.


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