Sandwich Of The Week: Michael's Deli's The Juban

If you take two of the most legendary sandwiches known to man — the Cuban and hot pastrami — and combine them, what's the result? You guessed it: sheer deliciousness. The legendary Michael's Deli in Brookline, Massachusetts is serving an out-of-this-world mashup of the two.

When Miami-born Steven Peljovich took over the 38-year-old deli three years ago, he wanted to bring some of both his Jewish and Cuban heritage to new menu items. "I came up with the Juban Sandwich as a tribute to both of my heritages," Peljovich told us. "Both of my parents were born in Havana, Cuba, so Cuban food has been a staple of my life. And how can you go wrong when adding fresh pastrami to a traditional Cuban sandwich?"

The Juban starts with a toasted sub roll, which is layered with yellow mustard and pickles on the bottom half. Atop that goes hot maple-smoked Canadian ham and house-steamed pastrami from a smokehouse in the Bronx, and then it's topped with Swiss cheese. After a run through the panini press, the cheese is melty, the bread is crispy, and the sandwich is just about perfect (especially with a New York half-sour pickle on the side). Who needs roast pork when you've got pastrami?

Since being added to the menu, the sandwich has been selling like hotcakes. "It has been received with a very strong response," Peljovich added. "One of my regulars commented that the sandwich is a great tribute to my upbringing. I can't think of a higher compliment than one that honors my parents."

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