Sandwich Of The Week: Lobster ME's Lobster Grilled Cheese

Located inside the Venetian and Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Lobster ME is a little taste of Maine right in the heart of Sin City. Lobster rolls are the top sellers; each is made to order with the meat of a one-pound lobster, and other menu items include lobster and chips, fried lobster tail on a stick, and lobster and waffles for breakfast. But there's one menu item that you'd be hard-pressed to find anywhere else: a lobster grilled cheese, which sells for $11.

This sandwich starts with a half-pound of cooked Maine lobster, which is gently mixed with a half-ounce each of Brie and cream cheese until it's all melded together. Thick-sliced white bread is buttered on one side; the mixture is added to the non-buttered side and topped with two slices of Gruyère and the second slide of bread. The sandwich is then griddled until the bread is browned and buttery and the cheese is melted.

The sandwich is full of lobster flavor and it's perfectly balanced by the cheese. It'll power you through all Vegas has to offer.