Sandwich Of The Week: CBD Provisions' Country Pâté Bánh Mì

Chef Richard Blankenship recently took control of the kitchen at CBD Provisions — a modern brasserie celebrating the natural bounty and culinary traditions of Texas. Located adjacent to the Joule Hotel in the heart of Historic Downtown Dallas, they are committed to local and sustainable sourcing of their produce and meats,  as well as creating as many of their ingredients in-house as possible.

Blankenship's lunch menu comprises mostly salads like smoked fish with cucumber, tomato, avocado vinaigrette, and cilantro; a daily vegetable soup and a red chili; and sandwiches like a shiitake and Gruyère grilled cheese with housemade sauerkraut — but it's his newest addition, the Country Pâté Bánh Mì sandwich, that caught our eye.

It's made with housemade country pâté, chipotle mayo, jicama, jalapeno, mint, and a cilantro salad dressed in fish sauce. It's all piled into a freshly baked housemade baguette, finished with a fried egg, and served with fries or a side salad.

By choosing to serve the sandwich Bánh Mì-style, chef Blankenship's intends is to highlight the star of the dish — the housemade pâté. He told us that he and his staff, "Wanted to do a country pate sandwich so we used a Bánh Mì-style sandwich to really show it off. It's a different kind of sandwich but still is completely satisfying.  It hits all the best spots- salty, sour, sweet, umami... for the lunch patrons that usually order a burger, it's tasty and rich venture outside the box."

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