Sandwich of the Week: The Ainsworth’s French Onion Burger

This New York City burger is basted in French onion soup for an extra kick

An extra-crispy onion ring completes the package. 

It’s not easy to make a burger that’s truly unique these days, but at The Ainsworth, an upscale sports bar in New York’s Flatiron neighborhood, they’re got two burgers on the menu that are turning heads: a burger that’s topped with macaroni and cheese, and another that’s a hybrid between a burger and French onion soup. The latter, called the French onion burger, is this week’s featured sandwich.

This burger is the creation of chef Stephen Yen, and it starts with a patty of ground beef from Schweid & Sons, a fourth-generation, family-owned ground beef purveyor. Crimini mushrooms are added to the mix, and as the patty is cooking it’s basted in French onion soup. After it’s cooked to temperature, the patty is topped with onions from the soup and a slice of Gruyère cheese, then it’s all melted together under the broiler. To complete the burger, Yen places the patty on a large-size English muffin and tops it with an extra-crispy tempura-battered onion ring. It’s served alongside a bowl of French onion soup for dipping.

We don’t know about you, but the next time we make a burger we’ll be basting it in French onion soup!


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