Sandwich-Size English Muffins Are the Perfect Bun

If you’re not using these for burgers and everything else, you’re missing out

Now that's a burger.

Take our advice and buy Thomas’ Sandwich Size English muffins the next time you’re at the supermarket. We guarantee that you’ll be hooked.

Sandwich-size English muffins (called XL Grillers during the summer months) are the perfect bread device. They’re insanely useful and have one obvious advantage over traditional English muffins: their size.

Face it: Traditional English muffins are small. Like, really small. Their only ideal function is as an accompaniment to bacon and eggs, as a substitute for a couple slices of toast. If you’re going to use English muffins as a sandwich’s primary bread device, the large ones are the perfect option.

Take burgers, for example. English muffins are the perfect burger bun because they’re light but dense, just doughy enough, and the bottom half is strong enough to hold up to even the juiciest burger (even butcher king Pat LaFrieda swears by them; he heats them up whole in the oven in order to keep the inside soft). But if you’re planning on eating a burger that’s larger than three ounces, you’re going to need something bigger than a standard English muffin.

The same goes for breakfast sandwiches; one egg, one slice of cheese, and two slices of bacon is too much to be supported by a regular English muffin. Enter Sandwich Size. The same goes for other sandwiches; eat a peanut butter and jelly on a regular-size English muffin and tell me with a straight face that you’ll be set until dinner.


There’s a reason the bigger English muffins have been dubbed “Sandwich Size.” Even Thomas’ admits that the standard ones are too small for a substantial sandwich. Make your next turkey sandwich, burger, or breakfast sandwich on a Sandwich Size English muffin, and thank me later.