A Robot Is Making $6 Burgers at San Francisco Restaurant Creator

$6 is practically free in San Francisco

A San Francisco restaurant called Creator is using a robot to make their burgers (pictured) for only $6. 

Flippy who? This San Francisco restaurant has a robot that makes custom burgers with fresh beef ground to order for just $6. Creator may only be in its soft-opening phase, but it’s already creating buzz for implementing a robot from a startup called Momentum Machines to make tasty, fresh, fast, and cheap burgers.

According to Tech Crunch, the unnamed robot takes no more than five minutes to grind hormone-free, pasture-raised brisket and chuck steak before forming the meat into perfectly formed patties that it then grills. The burgers are topped with more than just your average lettuce, onion, and tomato — you can have your burger topped (via robot) with oyster aïoli, smoky charred onion jam, sunflower seed tahini, and more.

Unlike America's first restaurant with a completely robot-staffed kitchen, Creator does not fully rely on their robot and still uses human employees who are paid $16 an hour, according to Food Beast. That’s made possible by using a robot. "A lot of that comes from the savings on labor and kitchen space afforded by a robot cook," CEO and co-founder of Creator Alex Vardakostas told TechCrunch. “We spend more on our ingredients than any other burger restaurant."

As if robot-made burgers weren’t futuristic enough, the restaurant eventually plans on using an app that will enable customers to choose exact ratios for the ingredients used to make their meals, including toppings. If you can’t believe it and need to see it for yourself, Creator is open for lunch Wednesdays and Thursdays until its official public launch. Can’t make it to San Francisco? Try the best burger in your state and imagine how it would taste made by a machine.