Review: Jonathan Gold Tastes Transcendent Mexican Seafood Tostadas At Holbox

Are we talking about Mexican seafood again? We're talking about Mexican seafood again. Because I'm guessing that at least some of you won't want to go another week without tasting the yellowtail ceviche with uni at Holbox.

Holbox, travelers tell you, is the next Tulum, a sleepy, bird-rich island off the Yucatán Peninsula, where the threat of golf courses and high-rise resorts seems to loom just past every promontory. It is probably known for its concentrations of whale sharks, eco-tourists and locals who claim to be descended from pirates. In Mayan, Holbox means "black hole," which may explain its gravitational force. You are advised to visit before Starbucks sets up camp.

In Los Angeles, Holbox is the new Yucatán-style seafood restaurant from Gilberto Cetina Jr., whom you may know from Chichen Itza, which he founded with his father. (Gilberto Sr. is back in the Yucatán at the moment, building his own island dream house.) Like Chichen Itza, Holbox occupies a corner of the Mercado La Paloma complex near USC, sharing tables with a vegan Ethiopian restaurant and a Oaxacan juice bar.

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