Review: Every Food Lover in Chicago Should Visit Entente

Chicago Tribune's Phil Vettel finds a new favorite

The octopus, boasting a pan-crisped exterior and soft, yielding interior, comes with tiny mounds of pureed potato, dots of eggplant blackened with squid ink and a chunky powder made from olive oil and espelette pepper.

Chef career paths can be wildly uneven, but Brian Fisher's 12-month ride has been especially fascinating.

Fisher went from chef de cuisine at the highly progressive Schwa, to opening chef at the TV-themed Saved by the Max (or, as I call it, The Pop Up That Wouldn't Leave), to heading the kitchen at Entente, a casual and creative newcomer that opened in late 2016.

"It was a crazy year, I'll tell you that," Fisher said.

Fisher had been nosing around for a chance to open his own place ("but I had no set plan or investors") when the Saved by the Max gig popped up. "It was an interesting opportunity," he said, "and I needed the money."


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