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Rev Run Is a Vegetarian Now, Because God Said So

The rapper, who speaks with God regularly, is giving up meat in the name of good faith

Run-DMC’s Rev Run and wife Justine Simmons have been eating significantly healthier lately. Diabetes runs on both sides of their family, and Justine even recently lost her father to the disease. Rev, whose birth name is Joseph Simmons, long ago cut certain foods from his diet — from Red Bull to eggs — and now, God is telling him to become a vegetarian.

It’s all in the name: Reverend Run is a spiritual man. The rapper-turned-minister was ordained shortly after Run-DMC disbanded in 2004. Ever since, he’s given it all up to God. That’s why when the almighty directed Rev to stop eating meat, the self-proclaimed prophet made sure he listened.

During a cooking demonstration in New York City’s SoHo, Rev Run and Justine joined Top Chef’s Tiffany Derry in making a Mediterranean chicken stew. When the rapper was offered his share, he respectfully declined.

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“I’m not eating any meat,” he declared. “I can hear [God]. I’m prophetic. I could hear him saying not to eat this, not to eat that.”

And just like that, he made a change. Instead of eating turkey bacon in the morning, the rapper’s been eating croissants.

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After explaining his decision in trusting what God advised him to do, he said he actually tried to break the divine instruction. While Justine was getting her hair done recently, Rev went out to get a burger. Upon returning to the salon, he couldn’t bring himself to eat it. He gave it to the hairstylist instead and went back out to purchase fish. (So he’s technically a pescatarian — for now, at least.)

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