Brands, Restaurants Respond To Black Lives Matter Protests

Big food brands are taking to social media to let followers know where they stand on protests happening in the wake of George Floyd's death. From Ben & Jerry's to DoorDash, here are brands that have made their solidarity clear using strong language, with many putting their money where their message is.


In a statement, Ben & Jerry's said, "The murder of George Floyd was the result of inhumane police brutality that is perpetuated by a culture of white supremacy. What happened to George Floyd was not the result of a bad apple; it was the predictable consequence of a racist and prejudiced system and culture that has treated black bodies as the enemy from the beginning."

The ice cream company called on the president, elected officials and political parties to disavow white supremacists and nationalist groups; and on Congress to pass H.R. 40, legislation that would create a commission to study the effects of slavery and discrimination. Other calls to action include a national task force that would draft bipartisan legislation aimed at ending racial violence and increasing police accountability.


On social media, McDonald's posted a minute-long video with no audio in memoriam of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Alton Sterling, Botham Jean, Atatiana Jefferson, Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd.

The chain wrote, "He was one of us. She was one of us. They were all one of us. We see them in our customers, we see them in our crew members, we see them in our franchisees, and this is why the entire McDonald's family grieves. It's why we stand for them and any other victims of systemic oppression and violence. Today we stand with Black communities across America, which is why we're donating to the National Urban League and the NAACP. We do not tolerate inequity, injustice or racism. Black lives matter."


Tony Xu, the co-founder and CEO of DoorDash, published a statement writing, "In the same week we were able to send two astronauts on a reusable rocket into outer space, we also witnessed some of the worst behavior of our humanity, juxtaposing two ends of our human capabilities."

Xu says DoorDash and its sister company Caviar will highlight and support black-owned businesses and black entrepreneurs. They pledged to donate $500,000 to Black Lives Matter and use another $500,000 to create a fund managed by Black@DoorDash Employee Resource Group. A Dashers of Color Council will be formed to advise on issues facing black employees.

Beyond Better Foods

Beyond Better Foods — the parent company of Enlightened, Bada Bean Bada Boom and Cloud10 — posted a message on LinkedIn, writing, "We believe a joyful world is a world with justice for everyone, and a healthy community is a community that rejects racism. The killing of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd and too many others shows how far our country still has to go."

The company will donate 50% of online profits made in June to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund with a minimum commitment of $50,000. It also pledged to prioritize justice and equality in its workspace and partnerships.


Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Uber, which oversees UberEats, took to Twitter with the following message: "[Uber] stands in solidarity with the black community and with peaceful protests against the injustice and racism that have plagued our nation for too long. My hope is that if each of us recommits to doing all we can to counter bigotry wherever we see it, change will follow."

In another tweet, he continued: "But it's clear that lasting change will only come from reforming the systems that have led us to where we are today. To that end, we're donating $1M to the [Equal Justice initiative] and [Policing Equity] to support their important work in making criminal justice in America more just for all."


Ramon Laguarta, the chairman and chief executive officer at PepsiCo, shared a message on LinkedIn, writing, "What is happening to Black people on the streets of America at the hands of rogue police officers and individuals is not acceptable. What's worse is that these appalling and horrific crimes keep happening."

His message continued, "Through dialogue, we can educate ourselves and each other, learn about actions we can take as allies, and, hopefully, help begin to ease the cycle of violence."

Sweet Loren’s

In an Instagram post, Sweet Loren's expressed heartbreak over the death of George Floyd and "the violence that has followed." The cookie dough company pledged to donate 100% of all profits from online orders through June 7 to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund.

"We hope we can lift each other by the rainbow of voices speaking up for a better way, speaking the truth to power," Sweet Loren's wrote. "We are all in this together to protect humanity and uphold zero tolerance for discrimination. While this is just the beginning, together we can make progress to a more just world that supports humanity. A world we want to be in and one that we are proud to raise the next generation in."


On Facebook, Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy wrote, "Words are not enough, and they sometimes aren't the right words, but we want to say something. Racism should have no place in society. Not now, not ever. It cannot be tolerated. Our hearts are breaking for our black team members, operators and staff and all those in the black community who are suffering and who have suffered for too long because of racism. At Chick-fil-A, we know we have a role in moving all of us forward."

The message continued, "We will listen. We will be intentional. We will share. We will act to build bridges — to spread care and hope into our world — today and always."


On Instagram, Chipotle shared a black square as part of Blackout Tuesday and wrote, "We stand in solidarity with the black community and in support of our black employees and customers. Chipotle has no tolerance for racism, hate or violence. We can and will cultivate a better world together."


Haagen-Dazs took to Facebook in solidarity with Black Lives Matter with the following: "Let it be clear. We do not condone systemic racism and human rights injustices that have continually haunted this country. We are firm: Black Lives Matter. Our company is listening, will continue to listen and is taking action."

The ice cream company said it is currently having conversations with multiple causes and has pledged to donate $250,000 to support change.

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