Restaurant Manager Reportedly Locked Teenage Waitress Inside Freezer On Several Occasions

A 28-year-old restaurant manager in Wisconsin, faces criminal charges after being accused of locking a 17-year-old waitress inside the restaurant freezer on numerous occasions and holding the door closed.

Chad Napierala, of Franklin, has been charged with false imprisonment and the physical abuse of a child.

According to a criminal complaint, the restaurant manager, Napierala not only locked the young woman in the freezer on at least five to 10 occasions, but also admitted to police that he "taped her hands and ankles," struck her "with restaurant wash towels as she was tied up," and "put his hands around her neck." Bruising on the victim's body confirmed Napierala's abuse.

If convicted of both charges, Napierala faces up to 12 years in prison.

Just last week, the body of an Atlanta hotel employee was found by fellow staffers hours after she became locked inside a walk-in freezer. The woman had frozen to death.