Record-Breaking Pizza Topped With 111 Different Types Of Cheese

The world record for greatest variety of cheese on a pizza was broken on March 15 through the combined efforts of three German companies: delivery service, game developer Assemble Entertainment (which recently released Pizza Connection 3), and pizza chain Vadoli. The relatively normal-sized pizza contained 111 different types of cheese. The record was previously set by a pizza baker from Portland, who used 101 types of cheese.

Guinness World Records reports that the pizza, made by chefs Mirko Gazzari and Andrea Pellegrini, was topped with 288.6 grams of cheese total but only 2.6 grams of each variety. This was done intentionally to help the cheese stay safely on the pizza instead of leaking off the crust upon baking. Some of the cheeses included mozzarella, Emmental, Leicestershire red, Comté, and raclette de chèvre.

"We had weeks of preperation to determine the perfect amount of cheese we need to put on the pizza to be successful with our Guiness world record attempt. The Pizza Centoundici Formaggi perfectly reflects our approach at Vadoli to always develop and try out new innocative recipes," Andrea Pellegrini told The Daily Meal.

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