6 Things We Learned From Rachael Ray's New York Times Interview

Rachael Ray has come a long way since she first rose to fame as the bubbly host of Food Network's 30 Minute Meals. Today, she's a full-fledged tycoon, with a syndicated daytime talk show that's heading into its 13th season, 22 published cookbooks, a magazine with 1.7 million subscribers, a thriving dog food business, a line of cookware and furniture... the list goes on. Ray may seem to be everywhere these days, but she doesn't often sit down for lengthy profiles like the one that was recently published by The New York Times. We took a read and found a handful of legitimately surprising facts about this domestic diva.

She Doesn't Know Her Net Worth
There are reports that her net worth is $60 million, but Ray doesn't know the exact amount for sure. "I have no idea if there's $4 in my pocket or $400," she told the paper. "I never ask about it. That's why I have bankers. I don't want to know anything at all about what I've got or what I don't. It's never motivated me. It never will."

She Relaxes With 'Columbo' Reruns
Ray is apparently a fan of the long-running Peter Falk detective series.

She Doesn't Do Much Social Media
Ray owned a flip phone until recently, and spends little to no time on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where she has only 570,000 followers (in contrast Martha Stewart has 1.7 million). "I don't take in negative information online," she said. "I just don't feel it's a constructive use of my time, and I have too much work to do."

She Always Keeps a Notebook With Her
Ray apparently always has a notebook by her side for jotting down notes and ideas. "I even have baby notebooks I put in those stupid handbags when you have to go do the red carpet, because I hate being anywhere where I can't write anything down," she said.

She Has Lots of Upcoming Projects
Ray is writing a memoir/cookbook hybrid, is developing a line of gardening equipment, and is designing handbags, "both expensive ones with hand-dyed Italian leather and more affordable vegan models aimed at millennials," according to the article.

She Organizes a Free Concert at SXSW Every Year
Ray said that she would live in Austin if it weren't so hot, and for the past 11 years she's staged a free concert called Feedback (with free beer!) during the city's annual South by Southwest Festival. Three thousand people attend, and fans start lining up for a spot early in the morning. Her husband's band, The Cringe, always performs.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this megastar. You can find the full New York Times article here, as well as 10 more facts about Rachael Ray.