Product Review: Cotton Candy Oreos

Who wants some sugar?

These somehow taste just like cotton candy. 

We recently received a package of Oreo’s newest release, cotton candy-flavored Oreos, and there was no way we were going to leave them un-sampled. The new product was released on April 1 (and not as an April Fools’ joke!) and are available exclusively at Target.

So how do they taste? For one, they’re incredibly sweet. But you probably should have guessed that, considering the fact that they’re literally sugar-flavored. Once you get past the sweetness and the golden cookie, the cotton-candy flavored crème on the inside somehow tastes just like cotton candy. The crème itself is the blue and pink colors that cotton candy is known for, and the innovators at Oreo were somehow able to capture that flavor and distill it right into the middle of a cookie.


That flavor, unfortunately, doesn’t hang around for very long, because by the time you get about halfway through the Oreo, all you can taste is sugar (each Oreo contains six grams of the stuff). But as far as cotton candy-flavored things go, Oreo nailed it.