Potato Chip Trucker Found After 4 Days in the Wilderness Without Food or Water

The man didn’t want to touch the food in his trailer because it wasn’t his

The truck driver was lost for four days.

A 22-year-old man with a tractor-trailer full of potato chips went missing on April 24 during a three-hour trip from Portland to Nyssa, Oregon. Jacob Cartwright’s hourslong drive turned into a brutal four-day trek after he put the wrong address into his GPS and slipped down a muddy embankment trying to turn around. Stuck in the forest with no cellphone service, Cartwright set out on foot to find help.

“He said he didn’t stop, he walked 12-13 hours a day all three days,” Cartwright’s boss Roy A. Henry — the owner of Little Trees Transportation — told CNN. “He told me last night, he wedged himself under a log and the ground to stay warm and stay out of the elements.”

According to CBS News, Cartwright walked an estimated 14 miles  — 12 to 13 hours each day — before finding his way to the interstate. There, he flagged down a motorist who drove him nine miles to his home in La Grande. The commercial truck driver was taken to a local hospital for medical evaluation.

“He was so dehydrated that his kidneys stopped functioning,” Henry told CNN, adding that his employee might also possibly have frostbite in is right foot. Furthermore, the guy hadn’t eaten in days. Despite being stuck in the middle of nowhere with a trailer full of potato chips, Cartwright didn’t even think about touching them.

“That stuff’s worth something, that’s the load — I’m not gonna touch it,” Henry recalled Cartwright saying. “That’s the way he was raised: That stuff’s not yours, you don’t touch it.”

The brand name of the potato chips that Cartwright was delivering has not been disclosed. But if we were ever stranded in the middle of nowhere, these are the ones we’d hope were in tow.