Most Popular Vegetable By State

June 17 marks National Eat Your Vegetable Day. The Daily Meal reached out to Green Giant, which runs a survey every year to determine the most popular vegetable throughout the country. This survey was conducted between the months of April and May 2020, and 6,713 Americans participated. Based on the results, broccoli is the most popular vegetable in the land, but there was a rising contender this year — carrots. Find out which vegetable your state chose as its favorite.

Alabama: Broccoli

Alabama is all about broccoli this year, so it wouldn't be surprising to see this green vegetable in Alabamians' weeknight dinners.

Alaska: Tomato

Alaskans may be confusing this fruit for a vegetable, but nevertheless, they chose tomatoes as their favorite vegetable.

Arizona: Broccoli

There are plenty of tasty recipes that can use leftover broccoli to make a great meal. No wonder Arizona chose broccoli as its favorite vegetable.

Arkansas: Carrot

Carrots are full of important vitamins and nutrients that the people of Arkansas can't get enough of.

California: Broccoli

People of the Golden State are following the crowd and named broccoli as their favorite vegetable.

Colorado: Broccoli

Colorado is making sure to add broccoli to its meal preps for the week.

Connecticut: Broccoli

Connecticut crowned broccoli as its favorite vegetable. Here's how you can make broccoli and other foods last longer.

Delaware: Carrot

Delaware may not be the home of the world record for the heaviest carrot, but this state is one of a few that chose carrots as its favorite vegetable.

Florida: Broccoli

Sunshine State residents are taking care of their heart health by eating broccoli.

Georgia: Broccoli

Perhaps Georgians are adding more broccoli to their diet as a healthy habit to keep them young?

Hawaii: Cucumber

Cucumber is a great food for weight loss. Hawaiians must be trying to keep healthy and stay fit with cucumber as their favorite vegetable.

Idaho: Carrot

When it comes to the Gem State's favorite vegetable, it's passing on the potatoes for the third year in a row. Idaho prefers carrots.

Illinois: Broccoli

Broccoli can help boost your immune system, which might be one of the many reasons that Illinois residents have named it as their favorite vegetable.

Indiana: Broccoli

Indiana will probably be cooking its steaks, chicken and other foods with a side of broccoli.

Iowa: Corn

Iowa is known for its corn production, so it's no surprise people in the Hawkeye State are enjoying some ears of corn.

Kansas: Broccoli

Broccoli is one of the many foods that can lower your risk of cancer. Kansas chose broccoli as its favorite vegetable.

Kentucky: Broccoli

Perhaps Kentuckians are using their favorite veggie, broccoli, to create some delicious easy casserole dishes.

Louisiana: Cucumber

Last year, Louisianans crowned corn as their state's favorite vegetable. But this year, cucumber is the champion.

Maine: Broccoli

Maine used to be all about corn, but now Mainers have switched sides to join most of the other states with broccoli as their favorite vegetable.

Maryland: Broccoli

It's not all about seafood in Maryland. Residents are also giving some love to broccoli.

Massachusetts: Broccoli

Massachusetts is also on the broccoli train, listing the veggie as its favorite.

Michigan: Broccoli

Michigan is one of the many states that favor broccoli.

Minnesota: Broccoli

It might not be Minnesota's most iconic food, but broccoli reigns supreme among vegetables this year.

Mississippi: Broccoli

Broccoli is a clear winner in this battle of the vegetables, and Mississippi is following suit.

Missouri: Cucumber

Missouri can't get enough cucumber, which is easy enough to add to any diet and promotes hydration.

Montana: Carrot

Last year, Montana preferred cauliflower, but this year, residents chose carrot as their favorite vegetable.

Nebraska: Tomato

Tomatoes nabbed the top spot for Nebraskans this year. But do they know that you should never refrigerate your tomatoes and these other foods?

Nevada: Broccoli

Nevada loves its flowery greens, particularly broccoli, its favorite veggie.

New Hampshire: Carrot

Perhaps New Hampshire residents really care about having great eyesight — they chose carrots as their big winner this year.

New Jersey: Broccoli

It makes sense that the Garden State would choose the flowery vegetable, broccoli, as its favorite.

New Mexico: Broccoli

People in New Mexico are not only eating tasty Mexican dishes, but also a lot of broccoli.

New York: Broccoli

New Yorkers love their broccoli as well as their pizza. Broccoli pizza, anyone?

North Carolina: Broccoli

It seems like broccoli is in season all year for North Carolinians.

North Dakota: Tomato

North Dakota's favorite vegetable isn't a vegetable at all — the tomato.

Ohio: Broccoli

Broccoli is a huge hit in Ohio.

Oklahoma: Broccoli

Broccoli is making the grocery shopping list for Oklahomans this year.

Oregon: Broccoli

Marionberries may be beloved in Oregon, but broccoli is at least a close second when it comes to produce.

Pennsylvania: Broccoli

Nothing can replace a delicious cheesesteak for people living in Pennsylvania, but broccoli is coming out on top as the favorite vegetable in this state. Maybe because it is also good with cheese?

Rhode Island: Broccoli

Broccoli, the top pick in Rhode Island, can make a great addition to a delicious, hearty rice dinner recipe.

South Carolina: Broccoli

South Carolinians are setting down the boiled peanuts for now and picking up more broccoli.

South Dakota: Carrot

It shouldn't be too hard to whip up an easy vegetarian dinner recipe using carrots, the favorite veggie in South Dakota.

Tennessee: Broccoli

Perhaps Tennesseeans are eating their Nashville hot chicken with a side of broccoli.

Texas: Broccoli

Texans have many favorite recipes, some of which can go well with broccoli, the state's favorite veggie.

Utah: Broccoli

Utah is making chicken recipes along with broccoli during quarantine.

Vermont: Broccoli

Vermont is known for its maple syrup, but it's probably a bad idea to mix maple syrup with broccoli, the state's favorite veggie.

Virginia: Broccoli

Looking to boost fiber in your diet? Broccoli — Virginia's favorite vegetable — is a great choice.

Washington: Broccoli

Washington isn't moving on from broccoli as its top vegetable. It was the state's favorite last year as well.

Washington, DC: Broccoli

Considering broccoli is the most popular vegetable throughout the country, it's not surprising that the country's capital agrees with the nation. Broccoli for all.

West Virginia: Broccoli

Do you think West Virginians are growing their favorite vegetable, broccoli, in their garden?

Wisconsin: Carrot

Wisconsin may be all about that cheese, but it has love for carrots too.

Wyoming: Broccoli

Wyoming residents are making healthy decisions by adding more broccoli to their diet. Not only is broccoli easy to make and delicious, but it also contains a lot of healthy nutrients that can help lower your blood pressure.

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