Pope Francis Changes Vestments in Burger King Restroom

A closed Burger King provided the pope with a chance to get ready

The Pope is traveling around South America to hold Mass with his followers. 

With hundreds of thousands of Catholics waiting, Francis needed somewhere to change into his vestments before celebrating Mass at Christ the Redeemer Square in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Francis decided on a nearby Burger King, and ducked into their restroom for some privacy, reports The Associated Press. 

After spending nearly 30 minutes waving to those who lined the street, the papal entourage approached the Burger King. The restaurant, which was closed for the pope’s visit, was deemed “an appropriate place” for the pope to change, explained Burger King manager Alfredo Troche to the AP.

The company didn’t wait long to tell the world of his holiness’s quick visit. They quickly posted to Facebook thanking the pope for “choosing the BK restaurant as your sacristy (a room where priests prepare for services).” The chain included a photo of the pope underneath the Burger King logo with the message “There are visits that don't just bring joy to your spirit, but also feed it." 

Ironically, Pope Francis blasted consumerism during his address minutes later, claiming that materialistic logic allows everything to become an object that can be consumed and negotiated, according to the AP.


This pope is famously unpretentious, and this quick pit stop at a Burger King should only promote that reputation.