'Pop Rocks Will Explode In Your Stomach' And Other Food-Based Urban Legends

As kids, it seemed as if we were inundated with "facts" of varying veracity on a daily basis. Some of these turned out to be true (You really shouldn't stick a pair of tweezers in an electrical outlet – trust me), while others – like waiting an hour to swim after eating lunch – turned out to be complete hogwash. Many of these revolved around food in one way or another, and we're debunking the 10 biggest food-related urban legends once and for all.

'Pop Rocks Will Explode in Your Stomach' and Other Food-Based Urban Legends (Gallery)

Word of mouth is a powerful thing, and once an outrageous fact starts making the rounds, it can be nearly impossible to put it to bed completely even if it's a total fabrication. In some instances, these urban legends confirm our own suspicions about certain foods being dangerous or made with suspect ingredients; in others, they're the result of "scientific studies" that never actually took place. And others are simply old wives' tales that we never thought to question as children and haven't thought much about since.

No matter how these rumors got started (the origins of many are still pretty hazy), they grabbed hold of the public consciousness and still haven't completely let go, in some cases decades later. Some of these are pretty easily debunked once you actually start thinking about it as an adult, but we bet that you still believe at least a couple of these.