Pink-Haired Waitress Stiffed Because Apparently 'Tips Are For Normal-Looking People'

An Iowa waitress was stiffed on a tip by a customer who had a problem with her pink hair.

Taelor Beeck, a waitress  at Des Moines's popular Zombie Burger, this week was  left a receipt with unsolicited advice instead of money.

The Des Moines Register reports that the bill came up to $17.26, with the tip line was crossed out and a note, "Tips are only for normal looking people," it read.

A 20 percent tip would have been about $3.40.

Beck chose not to publicly reveal the name of the patron, and she also decided against confronting them over the bill.

But she told WHO-TV that when it happened there was "a burning anger inside of me."

"At first, I felt really upset, I felt attacked, I almost felt like I was back in middle school all over again, like being bullied," Beeck said.

She's unapologetic about her "weirdo" looks, which consisted of nothing more than pastel hair, dangly earrings, and a nose piercing.

She later posted the receipt on Facebook, which has since been removed, to highlight what an act like this can have on a person.

"I mean I can't pay my bills if people don't tip me," Beeck said. "That's how I make a living."

Orchestrate Hospitality, the parent company of Zombie Burger is standing behind its employee and released this statement:

"We believe that Zombie Burger is a place that celebrates individuality.We stand by our staff. We also believe that our customers enjoy zombie burger because it is a wonderfully unique place and that includes the team members. We are in 100% support of our staff.And we're confident that our customers will be as well. She is an example of a great team member and we are standing by her."