People Won’t Stop Tweeting Beautiful Food Pictures to Jeb Bush

This week, Jeb Bush tweeted a picture of a gun as his definition of ‘America,’ and everyone responded with pictures of food
Jeb Bush Twitter

Perhaps in an effort to take his mind off guns, Twitter users have been flooding the governor’s feed with pictures of foods that make them think of home. 

On Wednesday morning, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted his response to Jeb Bush, the Republican presidential candidate who recently shared on Twitter a picture of what he felt embodied the spirit of America — a handgun engraved with the name of its owner, Gov. Jeb Bush.

Mayor de Blasio, who was celebrating the fact that the iconic New York City restaurant recently reopened after it was caught siphoning gas last year and shut down, decided with his press team that the classic pastrami on rye — a staple of Jewish delis made possible the city’s rich history of immigration — was the right antidote to Bush’s armed America.

“The mayor and I talked, and agreed that America could use more pastrami sandwiches and less firearms,” Peter Kadushin, a spokesman for the mayor, told the New York Times. The mayor then began receiving messages (some of support, others linking to New York City statistics on obesity) and plenty of pastrami pictures.

But the most interesting responses were left for Jeb Bush, who had, until recently, been receiving his own mix of praise and criticism (and a Photoshopped picture where his gun is engraved, “Please clap”).

Since de Blasio’s tweet, Twitter users from all over the world have been sending the governor pictures of the foods that represent their country: weisswurst from Bavaria, a cup of tea from the United Kingdom, and cheese from The Netherlands, to name a few.

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The global response isn’t quite an attempt to challenge Bush’s ideation of his country, but to suggest that neither Americans nor any other global citizens share his interest in defining a culture by its weapons. 

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